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Traute Worschech


Traute Worschech (b.1939 Hamburg Germany) is an artist living and working in East Hampton NY. She received her MFA at the young age of 18 at the Academy Fur Kunst and Gewerbe in Hamburg Germany. She spent the earlier part of her years In Rome Italy working at one of the most prestigious textile design studios in Rome. During her 10 year tenure at the studio in Rome she produced designs for haute couture design houses such as Gucci, Pucci and Cavalli. In 1968 she founded a design textile studio called Sale e Pepe in Rome they sold their designs to high-fashion houses all across Europe and Japan. In 1978 she transferred the studio to NYC. Her designs have been seen in many international fashion magazines across the world.


She learned the art of textile dying and worked with Japanese Shibori masters perfecting the intricate art. Traute has expanded her creative passion into hand dyed silk and cashmere scarves by using hand crafted indigo techniques, acid over dying and discharge print techniques.  Her scarves have sold at upscale boutiques in the Hamptons, Santa Barbara, Malibu, and New York City.  She is showing her fine art for the first time under the vision and guidance of Casey Darlene, Curator ArtUNPRIMED.


I have always been fascinated and inspired by the natural beauty that abounds the east end of Long Island. My work reflects the faint echo of shadows in the sand, the agitated ripples of the ocean water washed by waves to the shore after a storm, the graceful tracery of veins in a fallen leaf in the fall, and the texture of branches of the trees against the winter sky.


All of that imagery of the natural environment in the color of sharp black and crisp white and all that is grey in between. The outburst of color in blooming trees and flowers forming patterns in hues of blues, greens, oranges, reds and yellows. It brings to mind a summertime field wildflowers, the bubbling of the ocean water, the natural decay of things in nature. After 60 years in a  career in textiles, 2017 marks the year that I was able to make my subtle impression and sketches from the elements of nature and the natural beauty of our incredible environment and bring my experience to something more personal and a reflection of myself and my art.

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