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Julia Beynenson

Julia was born in Ukraine and was admitted to the Academy of Art at a young age. In addition to her regular studies at a math program, Julia received classical art education while studying drawing, painting, sculpture and art history for a number of years until graduation from the Academy. One of Julia’s early influences was seeing the work of Wassily Kandinsky and being moved by his bold use of color. This was a beginning of a journey of connecting to color and utilizing it’s potential in Julia’s work. When Julia was a teenager, her family moved to the United States. While trying to adjust to a new world around her, Julia turned to art to help establish her new identity. She continued to study painting and sculpting and immersed herself in the art world of Washington, DC galleries and museums. Art offered universality and inclusiveness. It is during this time that Julia realized art’s true power and significance - its ability to bridge differences and to connect people across time and space.

Upon graduating college Julia went on to work in finance, eventually receiving a graduate degree from Columbia University in the City of New York. While the emphasis of her studies was high conflict negotiations, Julia chose to devote her thesis research to the art’s ability to transform and to connect communities, particularly the use of art in working with children and adults as a collaborative tool in an effort to bridge the divided communities of New York post September 11th. Throughout the years, art continued to play an integral part in Julia’s life. She painted and sculpted, exhibited her work, and remained active in the art community. Julia has set up a number of community art projects and has taught art classes. Julia has exhibited her work in New York, Washington DC and Miami.

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