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Michael Weisman

East Hampton artist, Michael Weisman, has been doing what he does for a long, long time.

His art is created in homage to the music he has loved all his life, the performers who recorded it, and the glitz and glamour of show-biz past.

As his work has progressed over the decades, it has gone from relatively static colored pencil drawings to full-on, mixed media extravaganzas, many encrusted with gemstones. He has also expanded his subject matter. Whereas his early work was focused mainly on the classic girl groups of the 1960's (i.e. the Supremes), lately he has boldly ventured forth into the 70's 80's 90's and beyond.

This is his first solo show, and also the first time the majority of his work will be seen in reality, rather than virtually.

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